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Even though nobody will ever see this page (that means that if you are reading this, you are a nobody).
Moarphs: In and Out
I put a reasonable amount of work into doing the menu and the animations, so I'm quite happy that it came out well.

It was just getting interesting - it should've only been stopped when there was significant enough rebellion against it! I want some moral dilemmas in my April Fool's jokes.

Ah well. I guess it will be nice to watch all the censored stuff...

Asturias Collab

2008-01-31 17:21:59 by S4cr3d-Cr4p

I'm currently running a music collab based off of the song Asturias, a piece for the classical spanish guitar. If anyone would like to be a part of this, please visit NGCollabs and ask to join. If you are good enough, I will accept you and you can be a part of something great.


2007-08-23 06:40:49 by S4cr3d-Cr4p

By the way, before you ask, I did my GCSE Statistics a year early, which is why I can be 15 and have a GCSE.

And I got an A*! Wahey! I'm on top of the world!