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It was good, but there were some flaws

First, I'd like to say that your use of angles is good (though somewhat excessive, almost to the point of dizzyness), your drawing style is good and your animation is good. There are several areas in this, which are not so good:
1. Music: Really, really painful at times. I would seriously recommend getting someone else to do the music. It just didn't suit the piece.
2. Pacing: Much too slow. The entire plot and message could have been conveyed in 1-2 minutes and your story would have been far more effective for it. You don't need to show every detail of every character's actions, movements or emotions.
3. The characterisation/voice acting: The grunts got really annoying and were far too obvious. You can get a hell of a lot more meaning from non-verbal communication than: "I'm annoyed" "I'm happy". The part where the girl did a series of motions to convey something before they entered the restaurant was so unclear that it was almost comedic. I didn't empathise with any of the characters. Also, if you are going to use proper words, use them throughout. If you want to do the grunting thing, do that throughout. Don't have characters who do both.

Overall, I think that the problem could be that you are overthinking it. Try to simplify your ideas and I'm sure we'll see a massive improvement. I'm looking forward to seeing something that takes all of the advice into account.

Bobert-Rob responds:

Well, I actually like it for its length. I'm really not the kind of guy who likes stupid short animations, so many other people do it that it's maddening. I'm sorry you didn't get into it, but I wouldn't change a minute of it. I did everything according to what I thought would be good, and it turned out well in my opinion. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the matter, though.

Had a problem with audio - I think I know why

Right, well I think the problem is to do with the adverts on the first page. I tried reloading, and giving it time to load, but that didn't work. Only when I clicked "play" before the advert had loaded did I get audio. I think it was one of those ads that tries to have sound but doesn't for Cilit Bang or something like that. Anyway, funny cartoon and I hope this helps others...

Bobert-Rob responds:

Hmm... you know, you may be on to something. That may explain why some people can watch it fine while others cannot, and why some who couldn't get it working at first got it working later. Cuz I know I've never run into this problem before now. Hm. Thanks for that, man, I'll have to mention that in the description.

It would be a 10, but...

I can't give a 10 to something that has no audio compression. For god's sake this could have easily been 3 megs with no audible change.

aquaticmole responds:

Without the audio compression the file would be 11.0 Megs.

Very nice!

The animation could do with some work, but I like your message and use of music. You are good at conveying emotion and meaning. I look forward to working with you on the Asturias Collab. One thing I noticed, which made me think you weren't being sincere:
S mile
E njoy
I nspire
L ive
Reverse the first letters and you realise what those teachings are. :P

Unspoken responds:

It really means a lot to me for letting me in ^^

(and about the "L-I-E-S" thing...I didn't even notice that) xD

Reasonable animation, but

you shouldn't have put this on NG. It holds no entertainment value. It's just a test. It could've done with sound, as well as a better blast effect. You really need to work on your gradient use as well - I mean grey to yellow? The only way you could get grey to yellow is if you had white in between... maybe try that. But don't submit it here.

tsa1 responds:

There is not written anywere that newgrounds can not contain videos, witch shows flash arto, such as flash precision drawing, shading and animation, when i make my movies my creativity is on the highest level, and all this takes time, this should in some way be entertaining, and over half the people reviewing this movie, gets entertained by it.

Very nice! One thing was irritating.

The fact that you decided to make the girl spirit thing be naked. If you are going to go down that route, at least be consistant. Why didn't all of the bad spirits spawn nude as well? Yes I do realise that that would be a bit weird... penises and all that, but I think that the only reason she came back naked was the fact that she was a girl. If she had been a he, he would've had clothes, I almost guarantee it. For that I dock you one point (not that it will make much difference).

Granfaloon responds:

Heya!! haha awsome at last someone ask me that, at the first episode if u watch it u'll see her clothes ripped by the energy of the spell, that also was an excuse to leave the girl naked haha i like some mild nudity in my animations as you can see on real legend (navy) alien report 3 (girl coming out of the shower), red riding hood ( hood in underwear). haha Im like a little pervert, I love drawing the female body i draw a lot of naked girls (not porn or hentai , more artistic stuff) and i want to express that in my animations, I hope lots of users read your review so they know why too. I hope this helped you a bit and thnx for asking man!

Very nice, but I can't help but feel that...

...it was a bit of a missed opportunity for something truly great. It was almost entirely random, and I think it would've been better with some sort of coherent theme to the randomness. Maybe like starting out with a problem, such as a sad cloud, which then rains down tears setting off the kind of reaction that you animated. Then at the end the cloud looking around at what it has created and smiling. Something along those lines. Sound wise, it was excellent, as well as animation (though the explosions possibly could have had a bit more volume).

This would've scored a 9 or a 10 if it had had the above-mentioned cleverness and linking. Perhaps a sequel is in order?

Oggy-cheese responds:

brilliant idea! thanks, and to be honest, i didn't expect it to do this well, it was just a little doodle i came up with, but i'm not complaining :D i would do a sequel, but it might get old. It was a struggle trying to fill up a whole toon with this sort of stuff.

Again, weak story, weak acting.

Why didn't the cop just take the gun out of the criminal's hand? Why didn't he just change it into a spoon? Why didn't he just stop the bullet? Why didn't he just lift the criminal off the ground? Why didn't he just kill the criminal by rearranging his atoms?
You could've at least been a little interesting with the story and made it be about the corrupting influence of the glove. Oppressive state and all that. But you had to go with the whole: "cop loses everything then goes on a rampage". Please try to be a little more innovative in the next episode.

DJJ-asshole responds:

About the gun thingy, I guess you're right, but it's a matter of time before he shoots his wife.

And I can guarantee that the next episode will be better.

I don't know why people say it has a good story...

Seriously. You need to follow your ideas through. Someone has just come up with something that can move particles. First it would have been used for science, creating new chemical structures and manipulating tools. So you should've had the inventor talking about it's benefits to science etc. Then it would've been taken by the military and police forces, and used against criminals. Transforming matter into different forms is a retarded use of that kind of power as well - you could just pick up the criminal as easily, or rip them to shreds.
You didn't even think the terms through - how can you voluntarily take off the glove if you are dead? If you are dead, you can't give permission, so what is the point in the last terms?
The voice actor spoke their lines too quickly, and without enough passion or even correct vocal intonation. The script was also weak and I've already explained the weakness in the concept.
Finally, the quality of animation was average, but could've been better. Music was good though.

Perhaps some things to work on for the next episode.

DJJ-asshole responds:

It's just a story, pure fictional, so it doesn't have to be correct, it could've been another dimension...

Also, about the science, this is NOT a scientific story, I didn't want it to be some National Geographic show... I'd rather make it a mindless use of weapon story.

Also, about the shredding to piece, yea, that's going to happen, IN FURTHER EPISODES.

The last condition, about being dead.
No, you don't do it voluntary, but you do not resist either... How about just ripping it off someone's arm, when he's dead, the answer is: No, it doesn't work.

Oh, and the next episode is out already, for if you didn't read the comment.

It was reasonably good, but...

You really need to work on your movements...the punches and kicks didn't seem to have any speed or impact...remember that if you want something to look powerful, devote a lot of frames to the build up, and like two to the movement to the location, followed by a few frames of the move going further than the location (by a tiny bit). I hope this helps!

corbantis109 responds:

yer thanks buddy

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