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Nicely done! A well animated, funny idea, clearly expressed. Only thing I felt it could've done with was a little more 'punch' after he gets sucked in, like some kind of reaction from the machine. Perhaps the money counter could have pinged up to '0.50' after he got sucked in, just before 'the end'. But otherwise, really nice job.

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A reasonably well done animation...

I appreciate you taking time to talk about interesting topics, however I disagree with your message entirely.

Show me evidence of a spiritual or thought realm. How do you know that we all "share" in a thought and that it's not all just separate? Evidence would actually suggest that there's not even separation between mind and body. As the physical brain dies, the mind also seems to die. There's no such thing as the soul.

Here's something perhaps to read on Emoto: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Masaru_E moto

If I can tell what someone is going to say or do, this is my physical brain doing what it does best - pattern finding. Sometimes it sees patterns where there are none, but by coincidence they turn out to be right. Sometimes the pattern is there, and the brain is locates it.

There are other forms of communication that are physical, but not verbal. There is no evidence of any kind of "spiritual" connection.

Some things are within my control. Some things are beyond my control. Bad things happen to people with the right attitude. Good things happen to people with the wrong attitude. The right attitude might increase your odds, but you can still be screwed over. It's a very American view of the world. I'd suggest watching this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u5um8Q WWRvo

Delusion is bad. Realism is good. I'd like to hear what you think about this.

RiverJordan responds:

Delusion isn't bad, it's just a natural part of our evolution at this point in time. Ever since the last pole shift, we dropped in consciousness and lost everything. Because of this, we've been scrounging for true answers and meaning for the last 13,000 years. However, were hitting another turning point for our civilization, and were about to understand what we have long forgotten.

Many of your questions and comments will be discussed in future videos :) Thanks for the review!

Great art, but the rest...

The idea was that this was funny. I didn't smile through the whole thing. Perhaps this is some deficiency on my part. But I'm not going to rate this highly if it fails to achieve its basic aim (at least for me). I'm not bothered about the 'racism' (if it even is there in the first place). I'm not bothered about immaturity or dick jokes. I just didn't find it funny.

You get two stars for artistic merit and sheer effort. I also liked the brutal achievements. I guess my suggestion for improvement would be to be more self-critical and cut stuff that doesn't really work. Though I may just not be the intended audience.

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Very nice game

Innovative, interesting and fun gameplay. I enjoyed getting all of the medals.

Very good game, though flawed.

Beautiful graphics, good music and obviously well coded. However, there was one major problem and this was why you get a 7 rather than a 9 or a 10: The imprecision. It is perfectly fine to have a very hard and all-round unforgiving game. It is great to have a real challenge. I applaud you for that. But what all great hard games have in common is precision: you have huge control over your character and you are aware of your environment. If you see an obstacle, and have the manual dexterity to overcome it, you will get past the obstacle. In this game, sometimes I couldn't see my enemies or their shots (partly down to the choice of colours and partly down to the effects obscuring half the screen) and even when I saw them, it was a very hit-and-miss affair whether I was going to be damaged where I stood or not (this was mainly because the 3D view angle was too low). Sometimes I would make a mistake and get hit or lose a combo. That is slightly frustrating, but I would continue playing. Sometimes the game would just bitch-slap me in a way that felt random making me lose my combo or get hit. This is impossibly frustrating and resulted in many rage-quits.

Ultimately, a good, interesting game idea with nice graphics, that could have been so much better if the aforementioned issues had been addressed.

At last I got all of the medals!

At first, I didn't really like this, but it grew on me and I became somewhat addicted. Love the combination of music, graphics and gameplay. It suffered a little from the fact that many levels looked quite similar, but the layouts were very good. I liked it with the upside-down tiles, but maybe you could have even more variations on the theme of weirdness and Paradoxes.
Perhaps some of the later levels could have involved more 'red-herrings' or alternative routes, and it would have been nice to see more complex interactions between the three worlds e.g. an enemy which becomes something that you can walk on in a different world, enabling you to cross a gap if you time it right.
It had good replayability - I spent quite some time getting from a time of 45 minutes down to 18:44 but it felt very rewarding in the end. So overall I congratulate you three on an excellent game.

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I really enjoyed the feel of this. Epic is overused as a descriptor, so I'll just say it was majestic, vast and full of life. I'd love to see this incorporated into a movie and if I come up with a good enough concept, I may some day do just that.

Good job!

D3vilsheep responds:

Thank you very much! I will say I much prefer "majestic, vast and full of life" over "epic".

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