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I have seen this joke many times before,

and done much better. But the main reason I am giving you a 1 is because you made me wait for fucking ages because you couldn't be arsed to compress the sound. Seriously, mate, this could be about 100kb if you just compressed it.

No, I think I'll judge it based on your obsession.

With the virgin Mary. I mean what the hell did that have to do with the plot? Are you some sort of fundamentalist Christian? Anyway, it needed sound and music, along with better animation and plot. The graphics were on the low side of average.

Very nice! But it could've done without filters.

Yeah, I do realise what you say about the fact that you want it to look as good as possible, but in my opinion, you could've cut out half of the blur filters and it would still've looked incredible (better even).
Ah well. It was still bloody amazing by the way...

Reasonable, but...

You do realise that fires are still technology even if they are very simple. Also, I gave it a 5 because the graphics were fairly average along with the animation, and at the end of the day, what was your message/aim? That we rely on technology? The message I got was that technology is necessary for a good life and that it is also something which shouldn't run our lives...this seems a tad bit contradictory, and I see no point in you making this...it just seems too shallow...

I really don't get how this came Daily 3rd...

And not 1st! CHRIST! What is up with the Glow collab getting it? I mean this was better in every way! The animators were certainly of a much higher calliber...me suspect mass voting of this down and theirs up. Well, I decided to counter that! I am voting this 5 every day this week and voting the Glow collab 0. I mean seriously, the fact that they all voted this one down should not stop it from greatness.
Hope this helps!

It was reasonably good, but...

You really need to work on your movements...the punches and kicks didn't seem to have any speed or impact...remember that if you want something to look powerful, devote a lot of frames to the build up, and like two to the movement to the location, followed by a few frames of the move going further than the location (by a tiny bit). I hope this helps!

corbantis109 responds:

yer thanks buddy


Nice work, guys. Hope to work with you lot in the future. Also: I am aged 15, so you could add that to the Bios if you wanted.

yodd responds:

Bio fixed ;)

Great animation and all, but...

...It did have a bit of an obsession with penises. The message I got from this was "Wanking Makes Everything Better", which I can't argue to be false, but seems a rather strange thing to base an animation on. I suppose it was meant to be strange and surreal, but I personally prefer to have strange and surreal gore rather than strange and surreal masturbation. Ah well. Good overall! Love the style!


The only thing that could have been improved was showing luis destroying all the clocks with an atomic-bomb-esque-fart-into-a-match. God that would've been hilarious!

Good, but...

I've seen this type of idea before (guy is bored in class, so draws some stickmen on a piece of paper, they interact etc etc)
It was well done but unfortunately not original, or maybe it was both and the other animation was a rip off. It was submitted earlier however.

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